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ICO Rework Help Service

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Rework HUB

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look for archive (coming soon)

Startup Rework Help Service (SRHS), ICO Rework Help Service (ICORHS)

For startups owners :

Startup Rework Help Service (SRHS), ICO Rework Help Service (ICORHS) are services where each startup and ICO project presented in the Rework list can request help in developing the project to biliSEF community members who participated in the project analysis and voting. It is a platform where customers can choose a specific artist to refine one or another aspect of their project and pay it off with the help of any of XS coins, thus becoming members of the community themselves.

For biliSEF Community :

In turn, for community members, these services are a platform for offering services in a particular area to refine existing projects with payment for these services.

Thus, services are the place of direct communication between start-up teams and the target audience in order to correct the existing problems in the development of projects and obtain the result needed by the community.

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