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biliSEF service for Startups

The objectives of the service for startups are:

1. Collection of data on existing startups
2. Analytics provided business plans for the subsequent determination of the feasibility of investment
3. Creating a White List of Startups to Provide Crypto Data to the Community

Every day there is a huge number of startups, and many of them are really worthy of public attention, but more than half of business ideas are either incomplete or notoriously empty. How can a potential investor determine the feasibility of investing in a particular project? With 100% certainty – no way.
Some companies have initial capital and plan an advertising campaign in advance with the help of specialized services, someone simply does not have initial capital and the attention of potential investors will pass them off. The biliSEF fund service for startups sets as its main goal to weed out unfinished projects and obviously fraudulent ones by presenting the White list to the public.

The majority of companies paying ICO management, as the practice of the last 2 years shows, aim to attract investment in worthwhile projects, being simply fraudulent, and there is no one to give a real assessment of this or that project. From this it follows that a huge part of investor additions disappears into nowhere.

The part of companies that expect to attract community attention on their own, as a rule, also disappears, but already due to the lack of proper interest from the potential audience, and the reason is rather trivial: no advertising – no attention.
Who can determine the viability of a business idea? Only businessmen or investors that have already encountered certain aspects of running a particular business. At the moment there is no one-stop service where you can present your project and get qualified assistance in the analysis and revisions to it, as well as conduct a study of the potential audience of stakeholders in parallel. But even creating such a platform, each innovator will ask: “Why should I trust the results of checking my project?”

A potential investor will ask the same question: “Where are the guarantees of the accuracy of the information provided and the guarantee that the information provided is not paid, but really is just a hoax? ”

The guarantee of authenticity can only be that the analysis of a project is conducted collectively and by the community for which this project was created. The biliSEF platform for startups brings together a community of crypto enthusiasts, analysts, businessmen, traders, miners, investors and completely ordinary people – you and me. Thus, being a place where the community itself decides what is needed and what is not worthy of attention, regardless of whether the startup has the capital for advertising.

How it works

Step to step

1 step. Accumulation

Accumulation of new projects in the network on one platform. Formation of the image of the main centralized platform of the business incubator by the community for the community.

2 step. Primary screening of non-competitive projects

Preliminary analysis and elimination of unfinished and fraudulent projects from the whole mass of submitted applications

3 step. Analitics

Comprehensive analysis of business ideas, determining the audience, conducting surveys and drawing up lists of attractive and negative aspects of projects

4 step. Voting

Voting of community members based on openness and impartiality in the framework of the system 1 wallet – 1 vote on the 12 main criteria for evaluating a project.

5 step. White or Black list

Formation of the Black List of projects, Revision List and the White List of startups that have the right to apply for participation in the service of analytics and the development of future ICOs. Publication of these lists for public use.

6 step. RHS list

Identification of lists of community members willing to take responsibility for the views expressed on a particular project or any aspect of the project, confirming their identity. Defining lists of community members willing to help finalize a project in accordance with qualifications and experience in a particular area within the Startup Rework Help Service (SRHS)

Startup Rework Help Service (SRHS), ICO Rework Help Service (ICORHS)

For startups owners :

Startup Rework Help Service (SRHS), ICO Rework Help Service (ICORHS) are services where each startup and ICO project presented in the Rework list can request help in developing the project to biliSEF community members who participated in the project analysis and voting. It is a platform where customers can choose a specific artist to refine one or another aspect of their project and pay it off with the help of any of XS coins, thus becoming members of the community themselves.

For biliSEF Community :

In turn, for community members, these services are a platform for offering services in a particular area to refine existing projects with payment for these services.

Thus, services are the place of direct communication between start-up teams and the target audience in order to correct the existing problems in the development of projects and obtain the result needed by the community.

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